Four Favorites: Letterboxd founders Matthew & Karl on Arnie, Edgar and turning 10

“We love doing this.” Letterboxd’s co-founders Matthew and Karl take hosts Slim (of 70mm podcast infamy) and Gemma (Letterboxd editor-in-chief) through two each of their four favorites (Commando; Short Circuit; Shaun of the Dead and Badlands), on the occasion of their creation turning ten. Also: how Letterboxd Easter eggs get made. Why Arnie is the ultimate movie dad. Celebrating Rae Dawn Chong. Is Edgar Wright on Letterboxd? Karl’s complicated relationship with his watchlist. Rethinking brown-face. American men and guns in movies. Rating films purely on enjoyment. Links: The Letterboxd list of all films mentioned in this episode; Cormac’s review of Commando; Blottopreminger’s list of Disillusionment in Sun-drenched 1970s American New Wave Cinema. Credits: This episode recorded in Pennsylvania and Auckland. Edited by Slim. Facts by Jack. Booker: Linda Moulton. Theme music: ‘Vampiros Dancoteque’ by Moniker. Transcript by Sophie Shin.

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A podcast about movies from the makers of Letterboxd, the social network for film lovers. Hosted by Gemma and Slim. Transcripts available.