S3 E10 - And The Woman Clothed In Sun (Part 1)

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss the best date ever, Bedelia and Will's stunning snot-off, Marie Samuels, and various tail-swallowing circular arguments. William Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience at Project Gutenberg Liam Gavin's A Dark Song Morbid Anatomy classes A Clockwork Orange Murder Scene (graphic) Marion Crane's alias in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho Ken Russel's Altered States Red queen scene from John Frankenheimer's The Manchurian Candidate Alien reveal scene in M. Night Shyamalan's Signs Brian De Palma's Dressed to Kill Deckard gives Rachael the Voight-Kampff test in Ridley Scott's Blade Runner Marion Crane's alias in Psycho The mouth image from A Clockwork Orange's murder scene Matt's gift to Beth: A "Murder Wives" Hoop from WitheringSlights' Etsy shop Beth's gift to Matt: A Kim Atlin painting from the Bugera Matheson Gallery

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Beth and Matt Unger, siblings obsessed with Hannibal, do an episode-by-episode rewatch. Spoilers abound.