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ATWIAB Presents: Man-ish (AKA There's no crying in politics!)

When was the last time you cried? How about the last time you cried in front of someone else? Most of us have mixed experiences with crying - whether it’s our own tears or seeing them in someone else. And a lot of this is impacted by gender norms and expectations. In this episode we bring back Jesse Rhodes, host of the podcast Man-ish, to share his latest two-part series about crying in politics. Part one tells the story of Edmond Muskie, a 1972 Democratic presidential candidate, who's public tears were so fatal to his campaign "The Muskie Rule" was created to reflect how detrimental it is for politicians to cry. Part two, "Muskie Today", questions this rule by diving into some more recent examples of political tears. The "Muskie Rule" and "Muskie Today" were written and produced by Jesse Rhodes. Learn more about Man-ish by visiting Special thanks to The Edmund S. Muskie Archives and Special Collections Library, John Milne, Jim Witherall, Emily Palena, Brandon Pascal, Shoshana Walter, and Ryan Neville-Shepard. To find links to Ryan’s research, go to the show’s website, and open the page for this episode. There, you can also find links to music you heard on the show. A Therapist Walks Into a Bar is produced by Lily Sloane and Jessica Brown.

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