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Check Your Emotional Baggage Here

We've all got baggage. And as a psychotherapist in private practice, I help people unpack a lot of it in my office. But what if I went out looking for it? From complete strangers? In this episode, you'll learn all about the emotional baggage I collected in my Halloween costume this year. Produced: Lily Sloane Editorial Support: Nuala Sawyer, Dani Scoville, and Emily Shaw Music and Sound Design: Lily Sloane Additional Music: "Green" by Robby Kharr Emotional Baggage Voice Actors: Aura Aguilar, Simon Batistoni, Julene Beeson, Bryce Bishari, Jessica Brown, Chris Bunting, Vince Campillo, James Greene, Aaron Gotwalt, Christine Hutchison, Caryn Kesler, Molly Merson, Gili Neglar, Hannah Paessel, Jesse Rhodes, Nuala Sawyer, Dani Scoville, Ben Sloane, Mat Stevens, Brian Thompson, Clarice Torrey, Allisa de Vogel, and Ben Ward Clip of Esther Perel on the podcast Why Oh Why, from the "Stage a Fight" episode, used with permission by Andrea Silenzi Episode Image: "Full of Tricks" by StefSince1985 used under creative commons license Thank you Ben Sloane and Aura Aguilar for letting me interview you in the bar. Thank you to all the strangers and friends who shared you emotional baggage.

Om Podcasten

A Therapist Walk Into a Bar is a podcast that brings therapy to you. I am a San Francisco based psychotherapist who likes to get out of my office, grab my microphone, and find people in bars to chat with about the best and the worst of life. Help support the show at