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Ghosts! (again)

Here's the return of an old favorite just in time for Halloween season! Ghosts. You’ve seen the movies, nervously giggled and gasped over the stories at slumber parties, or like me, cowered in your sleeping bag in the other room to avoid hearing about it. Maybe you’ve even had an encounter with something you’d call a ghost. According to a 2009 Pew Research Study, 18% of Americans say they’ve seen a ghost and 29% believe they’ve been in touch with the dead. That’s pretty significant, so in this episode, I'm gonna dig in and explore what it might all mean. This episode features special guests, Kay Fahlstrom, Elaine Chan-Scherer, Melanie Kay Mitchell, and strangers found in Golden Gate Park. Producer: Lily Sloane Editorial support: Jesse Rhodes Field support: Katy Bullick Theme song: Topher M. Lewis (remixed by Lily Sloane) Closing song: Stacey McGuirl Additional music & sound design: Lily Sloane Special thanks to Abby Volk and everyone else who listened to me ramble on about ghosts.

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