Radical Shorts: Coping With This Crazy Bullshit

Radical Shorts are a glimpse into some of the incredible conversations I’m having with all kinds of interesting people on my sister show, Radical Advice, a weekly live show on BFF.FM. In this Radical Short, San Francisco and Berkeley based psychotherapist, Larry Lariosa, and I try to answer a listener-submitted question a lot of us are struggling with right now: “I can't handle the news but I can't stop tuning into it. Even if I take like a week off, as soon as I go back it's like a daily terror festival. More like a runaway train and knowing there is no driver and I can't find the brakes. I don't know how to cope through another minute of this crazy bullshit. What can we be doing to make Trump go away? How does someone like him get what he needs to stop tormenting so many of us?” Learn more about Larry at larrylariosapsychotherapy.com. If you'd like your life questions answered, visit radicaladviceshow.com. Tune in to Radical Advice on BFF.FM Tuesdays from 10am-noon PST or subscribe to listen in your podcast feed on your own time. Become a patron of A Therapist Walks Into a Bar by visiting www.patreon.com/atherapistwalksintoabar No new show until July! Until then, also check out this related episode https://www.atherapistwalksintoabar.com/why-the-resistance-needs-therapy.html And to prepare for what's coming in July, subscribe to the Jedediaries where ever you listen or visit www.thejedediaries.com. Thanks for listening!

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