Seriously, F#ck Dating.

Dating can be this overly-complicated, painful, confusing, ungrounded, whirlwind. Honestly, it can feel really hopeless at times. In this episode we talk with our experts about how to make this process less of a clusterf#ck and navigate the dating world with a fresh perspective. This episode's experts are: Nate Bagley, creator of The Loveumentary and The First Seven Years Eve Peters, founder and CEO of Whim Lily Sun, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in San Francisco Credits Written & Produced by: Lily Sloane + Jessica Brown Theme Song: "Maruumba" by Topher M. Lewis Credits Song: "Blimp" by Louis Cole Opening Poem: "Admit Something" by Hafiz, recited by Eve Peters Additional Music + Sound Design by: Lily Sloane Featured Clip: "The Timing is Everything" Edition on Dear Prudence, with Andrea Silenzi Episode Image: "Have Your Awkward Tinder Dates Here" by Chris Goldberg via Flickr Creative Commons Special thanks to the strangers at the bar for talking to us The Woods Bar and Brewery and Lost and Found Beer Garden for letting us hang out for a bit.

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