The Presence of Past

There’s this cliche, that all therapists want to do is make you talk about the past. Even though I often reassure new clients that I won’t make them talk about anything they don’t want to, it’s not untrue - a lot of us do want to know about your past. Because the past is never actually in the past and the present and the future are intricately tied to it. But like any historical research, piecing our own pasts together is both vital to self-understanding and fraught. And our understanding of history changes with who we are in the present. / Credits / Producer: Lily Sloane ( Story Editor: Emily Shaw ( Original Music & Sound Design: Lily Sloane Additional Music: "Colocate" by Poddington Bear and the original theme to The Jedediaries by Marshall York Find The Jedediaries at or wherever you listen to podcasts. Thank you Josey Baker, Torrey Paquette, and Ada and Linden for lending your voices to this story and Mat Stevens for helping me interview Jed. Clips from Mortified were recorded at the New Parish in Oakland, California March 10, 2018. I highly recommend the Mortified TV series on Netflix, the podcast, and live shows. Become a patron of the show at

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