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Christi, Alex & The Frah-Paw-Toe!

av A Wine Podcast - SOMM-Thing To Drink About | Publicerades 7/18/2019

Ever been to Sicily? Let me paint you a picture of an island surrounded by the blue water of the Mediterranean, the soaring majesty of Mt. Etna dominating the east, volcanic soils under foot, and the history of humanity written on every overturned pebble. People have been living, loving, fighting and dying on these shores for thousands of years. And for almost every one of those years, grapes have been giving their precious all to make wine.So why have we heard so little about the wines of this fabulous corner of Italy? Join Christi & Alex as they lift a glass and taste their way into a little known corner of paradise!Firriato Soria Frappato 2016Sicily DOC, Sicily, Italy100% Frappato13.2% abv$17.99 average priceSupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/SOMMthing)

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Making Wine Fun, Not Frightening! The SOMM & The Yoga Mom review a wine a week, using their simple deductive method:​ Seeing • Sniffing • Sipping • Savoring • Swallowing (or Spitting- your call!)​The discussion is about anything & everything related (mostly) to the wine. So pop in the earbuds, pop open a bottle, & savor a little SOMM-Thing To Drink About!