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Christi, Alex & The Portos!

av A Wine Podcast - SOMM-Thing To Drink About | Publicerades 7/2/2019

We're taking requests! Someone asked for an episode on a wine that they love, so Christi & Alex broke out the wine glasses and are doing a Three Bottle Special! Have a wine you love? Send us a Facebook message or follow us on Instagram!This week it's all about the Ports! Is every Port the same? Do they all taste like cough syrup and candied mouthwash or is there some reason this wine region has been thriving for over two hundred years?Tune in to this weeks episode and learn what Tawny, Ruby, Colheita & Quinta all mean!Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/SOMMthing)

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Making Wine Fun, Not Frightening! The SOMM & The Yoga Mom review a wine a week, using their simple deductive method:​ Seeing • Sniffing • Sipping • Savoring • Swallowing (or Spitting- your call!)​The discussion is about anything & everything related (mostly) to the wine. So pop in the earbuds, pop open a bottle, & savor a little SOMM-Thing To Drink About!