#07: Investing 1B - Cryptocurrency and the future of money

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, NFTs, blockchain, defi, mining, staking, and all the other buzzwords that can be found in the mysterious world of cryptocurrency are discussed in this episode where Alex and Tobias dive into what they consider the future of money.

Learn a little about what a Bitcoin is, the technology behind it and how they were made by college students like Tobias and his friends in their dorm rooms. We journey through the tough lessons they learned with the hundreds of Bitcoins they created and the instability they faced as early adopters. The discussion includes a run down of different use cases for different alt coins and real world applications where the technology behind cryptocurrency is being used to transform industries.

The purpose of this episode is to give you a glimpse into the cryptocurrency world, provide present day examples that have adopted this new technology, and share a few tips on how you can profit from this phenomenon.

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