#12 - Top 7 lifehacks

Imagine a life where you can remember all your important ideas and put them into action. Where there was a way to organize each thought and have others collaborate with you to reach your goals. What if you never had issues falling asleep and you were able to actually attract everything you’ve ever dreamed of? Imagine the power of being able to uplift your mood whenever you want and recharging your own emotional fuel by leveraging the basic principles of the golden rule. What if you always found time to exercise and a way to be learning 5x more by multitasking during certain idle activities? When the concept of life hacks first hit the scene, they were all the rage promising shortcuts to make life that much more efficient. Now almost anything can be considered a life hack but this episode sifts through your everyday list to break the mold and identifies Alex and Tobias top 7 favorite life hacks that they use to improve their daily lives. The life hacks discussed in this episode promise a big punch and they’re not always a sure thing to say the least but it’s important to find and leverage as many life hacks in today’s world as you can to ensure you get the most of of life. These „hacks“ exist because someone out there has already tried and proven its success so listen in and see if they can help you!

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