Confidence, Boys & Mean Girls

In this episode, Pheveya answers one of her most asked questions 'how do I be confident'. She talks about her past experiences regarding how she gained her confidence back after losing it during high school & gives her best tips on becoming empowering and magnetic. She also gives her advice on some of your personal stories whilst sharing some of her own.

Om Podcasten

Do you ever wake up thinking, what the f*ck happened last night? Yeah, it's a weekly occurrence for Pheveya. The big sister you always wanted, will teach you the things she wishes she knew growing up. She will guide you through relationships, friendships, boys, mental health and teenage years as she shares her honest, straight to the point advice. Pheveya wants her audience to know that it's okay to be confused, and experience challenges, especially through such vital years. There is going to be ups & downs, however she will be here to answer all your gory questions and concerns.