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Above Avalon Episode 164: Competing with Spotify

av Above Avalon | Publicerades 2/15/2020

We are entering a new chapter in music streaming. In episode 164, Neil discusses how Spotify’s attempt to evolve from a dedicated music streaming service to an audio company ends up reflecting broader changes in the music streaming space. Additional topics include Spotify earnings, the music streaming war between Spotify and Apple Music, the problem with Spotify’s current business, roadblocks / advantages facing Spotify as it evolves into a different kind of company, and why Apple shouldn’t ignore Spotify’s evolution. Receive Neil’s analysis and perspective on Apple throughout the week via exclusive daily updates (2-3 stories per day, 10-12 stories per week). Available to Above Avalon members. To sign up and for more information on membership, visit AboveAvalon.com/membership.

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Above Avalon takes a weekly look into Apple. By examining Apple from both a Wall Street and Silicon Valley perspective, Above Avalon provides unique insight and perspective as to how Apple thinks about the world.