Investor Focus

The SBR exam will have an increasing emphasis on "Investor Focus". In this edition of the podcast Tom explains what is meant by investor focus and what investors really want to know (and it is not just profitability). Of course being exam focussed, Tom concludes by discussing a practical accounting situation with an investor focus. The SBR examining team have confirmed that from September 2023 investor focus will be examined at Q4. It should be noted that the SBR Sept 23 - June 24 examinable documents have no exposure drafts to test. Thus there is an increasing emphasis on "Investor Focus"

Om Podcasten

Tom Clendon is an online ACCA SBR lecturer and if you are a student then this is a podcast aimed at you. This is an award winning podcast. In 2023 it was recognised with a PQ award from PQ magazine.