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Accounting Innovation and Technology Buzz | October 21

I'm Heather Smith and welcome to Cloud Stories, a podcast exploring the Accounting and Business Apps community. Today I’m trying out something new. I’ve given it the big hairy audacious title of The Accounting Innovation and Technology Buzz: Current News, Trends and Analysis. Joining me on the show is Trent McLaren. You might recall I’ve interviewed Trent on podcast shows. We’ve been friends for many years, and I always enjoy our conversations because he has well thought out insights about the industry. Currently, Trent is the Head of the Accounting & Bookkeeping Channel at DiviPay. In his past lives, Trent has probably worked at more Accounting Technology companies than many. Notably, Practice Ignition, Intuit and where I met him at eWay. He also worked for the outsourcing company TOA Global. In this episode, we talk about the many acquisitions that are happening in the industry. * Intuit + MailChimp + DataDear acquisition * We talk about the DiviPay Feature release * Practice Protect report: * Cin7 Inventory and Order Management Trends report: I’m currently working with the Team at DiviPay to help them connect with the Accounting and Bookkeeping community. If you want to read about the way I work with Accounting Apps, please visit You can always see my strategic partners, as they are clearly labelled in pink on the headers of all of my social media platforms. I hope you like listening to The Accounting Innovation and Technology Buzz with Trent McLaren. Let either I or Trent know what you thought of it. You have been listening to the Cloud Stories podcast. I encourage you to subscribe and leave a five-star review, so other people can find this podcast.   Subscribe to the Accounting Apps newsletter here http:// HeatherSmithAU.COM

Om Podcasten

Interviews from the Online Cloud Accounting Apps community. Long-form interviews of people involved in the Accounting Technology community. Together we unpack the reality of automation and productivity in accounting and business. We dissect how accountants can leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data. We share practical advice to help support small business thrive in a rapidly evolving world. Cloud Stories is suited to Management Accountants, Accountants, Bookkeepers, Developers, Cloud enthusiasts, data experts, Virtual Chief Financial Officers VCFO, advisors and business people who are keen to learn about online cloud business solutions and platforms, that connect with Xero, MYOB and/or QBO and the associated community stories. An independently produced podcast.