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The Great Acquisition vs The Great Resignation | The Buzz Dec 21

Today on the Cloud Stories podcast, I bring you The Accounting Innovation and Technology Buzz: Current News, Trends and Analysis for the month of December 21. Trent McLaren (Head of the Accounting & Bookkeeping Channel at DiviPay) and I talk about The Great Acquisition vs The Great Resignation. We also discuss news and trends that we saw in the industry during 2021. Highlights of this episode include: DiviPay Series A Capital Raise ACCA ranked a webinar I hosted as their 10th most popular one of 2021. Watch it here. Everperform produced a series called 'The Great Rejuvenation'. Content is available via their LinkedIn page. I've had a Xero feature request ticked off my wish list (from circa 2015). I had actually discovered the functionality and did not realise I had this feature request still active. Here's where you can post and vote for feature requests: Square, Inc. Changes its name to Block then H&R Block sues Square to drop the name 'Block' LastPass announces its intention to establish itself as an independent company from LogMeIn.   Inspired by Blake Oliver + David Cristello's discussion on the JetPackWorkflow podcast we discuss the trends of Subscription Model & Remote Work Hologram-in-a-Box New apps: Create step-by-step documentation with screenshots.   I hope you are enjoying these monthly tech updates and discussions, that complement both the Cloud Stories interviews, and the Accounting Apps newsletter. I’d like to thank you the listeners for helping Cloud Stories rank in the top 10% of podcasts worldwide, according to Listen Note. That is quite an achievement for a tightly niched topic. In 2021 we published 25 episodes. The most popular listening month was March 2021. The most downloaded episode that was released during the year was with my friend Martha Yasso interview entitled “Never talk directly to your clients about cash flow, and other secrets from the cash flow queen” If you have recently discovered Cloud Stories podcast, I’d encourage you to go back and listen to previously published episodes as many of them are evergreen or timeless. That is the content is still relevant today. You can read more about the way I partner with Accounting Apps, including DiviPay the company Trent McLaren works with, by visiting You can always see who I am currently partnered with at the top of my social media banners, clearly labelled in pink.  I hope you enjoy this episode of the Tech Buz. I hope you liked listening to the Tech Buzz. Reach out to either Trent McLaren or I and let us know what you think of the episode. You have been listening to the Cloud Stories podcast. I encourage you to share the podcast with an interested friend and subscribe leave a five-star review, so other people can find this podcast. Stay up-to-date with the curated content I'm sharing by signing up for the Accounting Apps newsletter, available at https://HeatherSmithAU.COM 

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