Dave Fisher, BD Director of Top 30 UK Firm Duncan & Toplis

Dave Fisher is Director of Business Development in one of the country’s premier accounting firms, Duncan and Toplis. With a strong local presence across 11 offices throughout the region, the firm offers accounting services and specialist business advice to a range of clients in retail, manufacturing, technology, IT, GP practices, leisure, academies, nursing homes, engineering, agriculture, logistics and transport. Listen to this engaging interview with a battle-hardened BD heavyweight and discover: The two things a good BD director in a large accounting firm is actually responsible for The role of mindset and importance of ‘being fearless’ for accountants in winning work How accounting BD has changed over the years, particularly in the many routes to market The two distinct approaches to the BD Director role in large accounting firms – collegiate vz gorilla Why a pure BD ‘hunting’ approach to handing work over can often be flawed in accounting firms The key differences between sales, marketing and business development in accounting The attributes and skills that make a great accounting work winner or business developer What a ‘no’ really means when selling accounting services and winning new work Why accountants are not mentally resilient enough, and what to do about it Why it’s everyone’s job in your accounting firm to win business and create new opportunities The power of the accounting BD Director, and how it can be good and bad How winning work is different across professional services, say in accounting and law Tips for setting growth targets in a large accounting firm The importance and tools for tracking growth and new business in a large accounting firm How accounting technology is changing the work winning game in accounting firms Tips for hiring talent if accounting firms want to push BD and enhance work winning capability Where the opportunities lie for the most lucrative business development activity in accounting firms Relationship building tip for accountants: a simple measure of whether you like somebody or not The challenges of GDPR and BREXIT in changing how accounting business is won How far ahead plans are made when it comes to strategic growth in accounting firms The importance of succession planning, not just for the accounting firm but for the work winning effort The ONE THING accounting firms fall foul of in developing their people to win work “You win or you learn‘ – an extremely effective philosophy for winning work in a large accounting firm. https://www.linkedin.com/in/thedavefisher/ (Dave on LinkedIn)

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What's it like leading a large or progressive accounting firm? Whether you head up a specific function (like BD, marketing, IT, HR etc), a location (office, city, region), a department (team, project) or the whole organisation, you know what it's like to be in charge. The Accounting Leaders Podcast features Insightful interviews with leaders in large accountancy or CPA firms. Topics of discussion include vision, strategy, value, leadership, succession, growth, success, legacy, culture, positioning, branding, differentiation, mindset, technology, recruitment, trends, disrupters, opportunities. engagement, influence and reputation. Questions include ✓ What makes a top performer or promotable accountant in a large firm? ✓ How are the leading accounting firms winning work, doing BD and achieving growth? ✓ What are the trends, stats and critical issues shaping large accounting firms? Firm-wide leaders, managing partners, CEOs, heads of functions and similar don't always have a voice outside their firms. Very few people know or ask them about their journey, their philosophies, their influences and their goals. This is an opportunity for them to share their story, who has influenced them, what they've learned from both successes and failures, and what keeps them going. Show host Rob Brown is founder of the Business Development Academy, which trains accountants to be more confident, effective and strategic work winners. More at https://bdacademy.pro He is the creator the 90 Day Accounting BD Accelerator™ which transforms experienced, new & prospective partners in accounting firms to win more business using Choice Based Business Development™ - an unusual but extremely effective BD coaching method for accountants. He is the bestselling author of Build Your Reputation (Wiley) and his TED talk ‘The Personal Brand of You' has been viewed over 200K times on Youtube. Rob is also host of another accountancy show - the popular Accounting Influencers podcast. With over 100 episodes recorded, this show interviews top accounting global influencers about particular areas of expertise that are relevant to accountants in practice. Some guests are experts serving accounting firms (commentators, authors, coaches, trainers and consultants). Others are suppliers, vendors or strategic partners to accounting. To learn more about these podcasts, go to https://bdacademy.pro/podcasts/ Personally, Rob is based in Nottingham UK, home of Robin Hood. he lives with his wife Amanda and two daughters Georgia and Madison. He a committed Christian, a black belt in kickboxing, enjoys backgammon, loves chocolate orange and is allergic to grapefruit. To talk about being a guest on the Accounting Leaders podcast or explore how the BD Academy might help your firm, reach out to Rob Brown on LinkedIn or Twitter @therobbrown.