Kevin Harris, Office Managing Partner of Top 10 Firm RSM UK

Kevin Harris is the Office Managing Partner of RSM UK, a top 10 accounting firm with over 4000 employees. Based in the Leicester office, he has an MBA and was instrumental in rejuvenating the RSM brand after the takeover by Baker Tilly. He is a former Chamber of Commerce Chair and sits on various industry boards, panels and committees. His areas of specialty include financial services, manufacturing, recruitment, transport and logistics, travel and tourism. Shownotes: What setbacks like being made redundant or failing an accountancy exam by 1% does for your mental resilience and confidence How unusual an entrepreneurial mindset is in a traditional accounting firm, and how tricky it can be to fit in Why it's impossible to gain full consensus and make everybody happy as a leader in a professional firm The importance of learning and subjecting yourself to influences outside of your accounting firm for perspective and balance The drawbacks of leading by fear or power in a professional firm, and why authenticity always wins out What the 'old school' accounting leaders can teach the modern young accountant of today about work ethic How promoting people too early in accounting firms eventually finds people out to the detriment of the firm Practical tips to manage work life balance for accounting firm wide leaders The dangers of trying to focus 100% on your job and the need for understanding how the mind and productivity really works The importance of constant learning to innovate and see things in different ways to be an effective accounting firm leader The biggest risk Kevin has ever taken in his career and the impacts of a high level resignation What legacy looks like for an accounting firm leader and how different leaders stand out in different ways Why business development is not natural for many accounting professionals, even though everyone in a firm is an ambassador of the brand What it takes to attract and nurture talent at both ground level and senior level in a professional firm Contact (Kevin Harris on LinkedIn)

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