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319: Using Your Past to Transform Your Present

av Achieve Your Goals with Hal Elrod | Publicerades 4/22/2020

If you’re struggling in any area of your life, right now, today’s podcast episode can help you. I’m sharing a profound breakthrough with you that I had, recently, and inviting you to apply it to your life - immediately.

A week ago, when I was recording this episode, I was struggling. I’m still dealing with the ongoing side effects of chemotherapy, and I’m still trying to work through the resulting anxiety, depression, and cognitive challenges that I’ve discussed openly with you in previous episodes of this podcast.

In the past week, I’ve made a radical shift that has taken me from feeling depressed, unmotivated, and overwhelmed to feeling genuinely happy, energized, and in control of myself, and my life.

In today’s podcast, I’m sharing the story and the strategy of how I reached this breakthrough, how to return to the tools you already have inside of you to conquer your greatest challenges, and what you can do right now to work through this incredibly trying time in human history.


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