Acid Horizon

Deleuze's "Proust and Signs"

av Acid Horizon | Publicerades 12/10/2020

In this episode, Taylor, Cooper, Will, and Craig break into Deleuze's famous text "Proust and Signs".  For most of us, this was the first time we encounter the text. Together we strive to unpack the meaning of Deleuze's phrase "the search for truth is the search for lost time".  We also cover Deleuze's concept of essence and apprenticeship.

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Acid Horizon is a theory podcast which confronts global crisis and the specter of a world that could be free. One of the many goals of Acid Horizon is to enrich discourses of liberation through a non-sectarian approach to reading theory. In the spirit of thinkers like Deleuze and Guattari, we endeavor to provide a space which values theory as a creative force, not just as the topic of debate. We also connect theory to the pervasive political challenges faced by global citizens. On the podcast, we cover a variety of new, historic, and lesser-known texts of political philosophy. Grab our current syllabus and follow along. Support us on Patreon!