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What is 'Blacceleration'? A Conversation With Aria Dean

av Acid Horizon | Publicerades 12/19/2020

In this episode, Craig, Matt, Will, and Adam are joined by critic, artist, cultural theorist, and assistant curator at Rhizome Aria Dean to discuss her 2017 essay "Notes on Blacceleration." In this episode, the Acid Horizon crew discusses with Aria the paradox of the ontological constitution of the black subject that sits at the very beginning of capitalism. “The black” or “the figure of blackness” acts as the orignary reserve of energy that enables the process of exchange that theorists of accelerationism rely on for their analyses. What is articulated in blaccelerationism is the recognition of a fundamental absence in the first accelerationist discourses, particularly when it comes to the origin of capitalism in the extractive violence of slavery and the colonisation of the African continent. In response to this theoretical blind spot, we discuss with Aria the economy of blackness and its relation to notions of representation, exchange, expenditure, and most importantly, revolutionary collective action considering the George Floyd uprisings in the United States and across the world. Thinkers included in the discussion include Wilderson, Moten, Wynter, Mbembe, Land, Fisher, Deleuze, Bataille, Guattari, Williams, and more. Links to Aria Dean’s work:The text: Horizon Links: Subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts:…on/id1512615438Happy Hour at Hippel's (Adam’s blog): happyhourathippels.wordpress.comHyperstition Arrays (Matt’s Blog): hyperstitionarrays.comRevolting Bodies (Will's Blog): https://revoltingbodies.comSplit Infinities (Craig’s Substack): https://splitinfinities.substack.comMusic: https://sereptie.bandcamp.comContribute to Acid Horizon: Merch Store:

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