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"What is Metaphysics?" - Analyzing Heidegger's Seminal Lecture at Freiburg

av Acid Horizon | Publicerades 1/13/2021

Why is there something rather than nothing? In this episode, Craig, Matt, Will, and Adam address Heidegger’s inaugural lecture “What is Metaphysics?”. For Heidegger, the central problem of metaphysics lies at the level of the “is” itself. His pursuit is to establish a fundamental understanding of Being, something he believes has been almost entirely overlooked since the split between Plato and Aristotle. This piece also touches on many central elements in Heidegger’s earlier work, ranging from the ontical nature of the physical sciences to Heidegger’s notion of the relationship between Dasein and nothingness that is “already given”. To Heidegger, the truth of metaphysics dwells upon a “groundless ground”. It is the entrance into that space—that going beyond—that this episode is particularly centered around. Sartre, Hegel, Zen Buddhism, and yes, even Deleuze fold into the discussion as well. So, attune yourself, and join us!Contribute to Acid Horizon: to us on Apple Podcasts:…on/id1512615438Happy Hour at Hippel's (Adam’s blog): https://happyhourathippels.wordpress.comHyperstition Arrays (Matt’s Blog): https://hyperstitionarrays.comRevolting Bodies (Will's Blog): https://revoltingbodies.comSplit Infinities (Craig’s Substack): Store:

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