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#62 Let's Talk Products! with Sarah Brown, founder of Pai Skincare

I'm absolutely delighted to welcome Sarah Brown, founder of Pai Skincare ! In our conversation, Sarah shares her skin story and her struggles facing two skin conditions: urticaria and adult acne. Her research and her will to find a solution for her skin have led her to a passionate interest in ingredients as well as the quality and the transparency behind each of them. Her values have then nourished her ambition and in 2007, Sarah launched her own skincare brand called Pai. By listening to this episode, you will discover the insights and the challenges behind an organic brand and you will understand the importance to think about the supply chain of each product as well as the roles of organic certifications. In the second part of the episode, Sarah shares her precious tips to look after acne prone skin and introduces the Pai routine recommended for this skin condition. And if you are wondering if the Carbon star is part of it, the answer is yes ! You are going to learn everything about this new exciting face oil, especially targeting acne ! Enjoy listening !   Feel free to explore the brand's website where you can book a free online skin consultation with the Pai team ! The website also has a French version where you can get all the details on the products  For more information on this episode, feel free to follow the Instagram pages @paiskincare_sarah and @acnestoriespodcast and try to win a Pai skincare routine for acne prone skin, including their new face oil Carbon star   Acne Stories is a podcast that breaks the ice and raises awareness about a skin condition that matters. The goal of this podcast is to make us feel better about ourselves, to accept our skin, to approach it differently and perhaps to discover solutions you have not yet heard of or tried. Let's Talk Products! is a series helping you to better understand the needs of your skin and to choose the most adapted and efficient skincare products! If you would like to share your story or your opinion on the podcast, you can get in touch with me by writing to Feel free to share this episode on social networks and to rate it - ideally five stars - on Apple Podcasts. Acne Stories is also available on Spotify, Soundcloud, Google Podcasts and many other platforms  (Deezer, Amazon Music, Stitcher, TuneIn, Pocket Casts, PodcastAddict, Castro, Castbox & Overcast) For more information, feel free to follow the Instagram page @acnestoriespodcast Have a great day and see you next Wednesday for a new episode ! 

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Acne Stories is a podcast raising awareness about acne! The purpose of this media is to make us feel better about ourselves, to accept our skin, to approach it differently and perhaps to discover solutions you have not yet heard of or tried. Each episode brings friendly support and advice 💡 🎙️New episode released every Wednesday, in French or in English  Acne Stories est un podcast sur l’acné !  Le but de ce média est de se sentir davantage en confiance avec soi-même, d’accepter sa peau telle qu’elle est, de l’aborder différemment et de peut-être découvrir des solutions auxquelles vous n’aviez pas pensé.  Chaque épisode apporte soutien et partage de connaissances 💡 🎙️Chaque mercredi, un nouvel épisode est publié, en français ou en anglais.