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SPORTS SPECIAL: LTA Youth, UEFA Euro and glow in the dark bowling

It’s a summer of sports special version of Activity Quest! Dan’s playing tennis, we’re chatting all about a certain football tournament happening right now, and there’s even a summer sporting craft too – glow in the dark bowling! Remember, whatever you do and however you do it, tell us at – and remember to rate, review and follow this podcast wherever you’re listening to it. If you know of or own a venue that you think would be perfect for Activity Quest, email See for privacy information.

Om Podcasten

Activity Quest is the weekly kids entertainment show from the UK's children's radio station Fun Kids. Join our presenters from across the UK as they give you interesting and fun things to keep you busy out-and-about and at home. There's celebrity interviews, stories and more.  Activity Quest was previously Stuck at Home, the podcast that kept kids entertained in lockdown. You can hear the entire archive here too!