10th Masters, Costa Rica adventures, & lowering expectations

Brett checks in from off the grid just long enough to record this weeks show. Reporting from the jungles of Costa Rica and a backyard in Santa Barbara, Brett and Jimmy discuss the latest on the proposed 10th masters 1000 and super tour. Then Jimmy tells us about his sweetest wins of his career, and talks about how having no expectations can be a good thing sometimes. Plus answer some more of your questions on a brand new Advantage Connors podcast. Sponsors: shopify.com/connors - sign up for a $1 per month trial period Follow us on - Twitter - @AdvConnors @JimmyConnors @Brett_Connors Instagram - @AdvConnors @Bretterz @GolddoodIsabella Facebook - Jimmy Connors official Facebook page Leave your questions/topics/or links to stories you want us to talk about next week on Jimmy's official Facebook page. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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Advantage Connors is an ongoing conversation between Tennis legend Jimmy Connors & Brett Connors. Follow along as they cover the worlds of tennis & gambling on a weekly basis along with whatever else pops into their head that day. Jimmy Connors is a tennis legend having played professionally for over 30 years. His record 109 ATP tournament wins still stands today, & includes 8 grand slam singles titles. Brett Connors is a producer for Tennis Channel and has worked in live tennis production for 14 years. Having also traveled the tour with his father in the 80’s and 90’s this gives Brett a unique view of the sport.