Flash Gordon General Tal Seizes Azoras

Flash Gordon General Tal Seizes Azoras 10-12-35 http://oldtimeradiodvd.com

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The adventures of Flash Gordon and his companions Dale Arden and Dr. Hans Zarkov. The story begins with Earth bombarded by fiery meteors. Dr. Zarkov believes the meteors are from outer space, and invents a rocket ship to locate their place of origin. Half mad, he kidnaps Flash and Dale, and the three travel to the planet Mongo, where they discover that the meteors are weapons devised by Ming the Merciless, evil ruler of Mongo.For many years, the three companions adventure on Mongo, traveling to the forest kingdom of Arora, ruled by Prince Barin, the ice kingdom of Frigia, ruled by Princess Fria, the jungle kingdom of Tropica, ruled by Queen Desira, the undersea kingdom of the Shark Men, ruled by King Kala, and the flying city of the Hawkmen, ruled by Prince Vultan. Our heroes have many adventures on Mongo so join us on each exciting saga of Flash Gordon.