Changing The Narrative of Cannabis with Jacquie Cohen Roth

Who was the war on drugs really targeting, and where does justice start for these communities? Jacquie is a powerful voice within the cannabis world and is recognised as a pioneer in the East Coast industry. Jacquie is the founder and CEO of CannabizMD, an organisation that focuses on achieving meaningful policy change through education, industry best standards and and quality patient care. Jacquie is also the founder of Tea Pad, a social enterprise on the forefront of changing cannabis' narrative by recognising the disparity in justice for black and brown communities and driving progressive change through empowering opportunities. In today's episode, Jacquie and I dive into the roots of cannabis stigma, and how a combination of racism, social exclusion and inordinate criminalisation shaped the perspectives of generations. We discuss what it takes to see meaningful policy change, the wonderful careers one can forge within the industry, and a whole lot more. Jacquie's work: CannabisMD: Tea Pad:   If you enjoy this episode, or have a guest/topic request, drop a comment in the review section below or email

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