Dr. Matty Moore

Today, we are joined by the wise and powerful Dr. Matty Moore. Born and raised in Austin Texas, Matty followed his passions for medicine and adventure around the world, from the coastal cliffs of the Caribbean to the plains and peaks of rural Wyoming, before eventually settling down in Western Australia to do what he does best - provide Aussie patients with the type of care, compassion and education they need to engage fully with the beauty of existence.  In this episode, Matty and I explore the current systems in place to enable veterans to access meaningful care, the hurdles that we face in expanding treatment options, and the limitations of current first line therapies. We dive into how cannabis is changing the lives of people living with PTSD and the mechanisms behind its influence. We discuss chronic pain, de-prescribing, reducing polypharmacy and how clinicians can utilise the functionality of cannabis to facilitate transformative experiences that place the power in the hands of the patient.  As always, if you enjoy today’s episode, let me know! Hack into the mainframe or something, I dunno. I’ll keep giving you content if you keep giving me dopamine. This is the world we live in.    Matty’s work:  https://www.mattmooremd.com/about https://www.instagram.com/drmattymoore/ https://www.modehealthcare.com.au/

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