Maximising Productivity with Les Watson (AKA "The Time Lord")

Our guest today is Les Watson, AKA “The Time Lord”, a man with an uncanny ability to not only perceive time, but bend it to his will. Les likes to say that if you’re breathing, you need time management. Les has over 30 years of time management training under his belt, running dynamic training programs across Australia and South East Asia for large corporations, small businesses and individuals.    In this episode, Les and I dive into the do’s and don’ts of productivity, the six habits you need to maximise productivity, when to beat procrastination and when to indulge in it, the importance of mental decluttering, and how understanding the intricacies of how you work can help you to better manage this thing called time.   Les’ book, titled “Get Back an Hour in Every Day”, outlines actionable steps we can take to be more productive. The wisdom in this book is relevant and powerful, and whether you’re running a cafe or an empire, a corporation or a household, or just need a little extra jazz to get you through your uni degree, everything you need to know about managing time starts here.   If you enjoyed today's episode, please make sure to subscribe, rate, and leave a review. Every review goes a long way in getting our show off the ground.

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