Prescription Nicotine with Dr. Shu Ng

Greetings my hungry little information cherubs! Our guest today is the wonderful Dr. Shu Ng. Dr. Shu graduated from Monash Uni in 2010 and went on to gain 10 years of post grad medical experience in various medical, surgical and oncological specialties. Dr. Shu is compassionate in her care and diverse in her interests, some of which include medicinal cannabis, mental health, women’s health, neurodegenerative and seizure disorders, autism spectrum disorders, cancer treatment and meaningful end of life care. Today, however, we’re talking nicotine.  As you may have seen, nicotine and its non-combustion methods of administration have recently undergone some federal changes that alter the way people can access nicotine - specifically in the form of vaporisers. As of October, a prescription is required to access vape juice. Today, we’ll dive in to the nuances of these laws, various nicotine formulations, and how one can re-establish control and power when it comes to our relationship with nicotine. Just before we start - Dr. Shu wanted to make a couple corrections; number one is that the most effective formulations are freebase nicotine under 20mg/ml concentrations, and number two is that premixed or closed pod systems are most encouraged by the medical body due to the minimisation of poisoning and contamination by illegal or toxic substances. Dr. Shu can be found on Instagram, LinkedIn and her websites, and As always, if you enjoy today’s episode, let me know! Honest reviews mean a lot. 

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