Agile Fundamentals and Beyond

What is the Agile Manifesto?

av Agile Fundamentals and Beyond | Publicerades 9/3/2020

AGILE FUNDAMENTALS and BEYOND asks the questions that everybody wants answered. This episode asks the question "What is the Agile Manifesto?" Featuring our Agile experts: David Lowe, Jim Wyllie and Jiten Vara. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive our free guides and other bonus content at (

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AGILE FUNDAMENTALS AND BEYOND asks the questions that everybody wants answered... and even some questions you didn't know existed! We aren't about bamboozling you with jargon; we believe in getting down to the nuts and bolts, discussing topics that help real people attack real problems, digging around in the most important topics to help you get started. For those ready for a bit more, we layer this on top. Our three Agile experts -- David Lowe, Jim Wyllie and Jiten Vara -- bring a wealth of real-life experiences from a range of industries (such as retail, banking, government, automotive, charity and wine) and a humour which brings it to life. For those who want even more (some people just can't get enough), join our mailing list for free guides, special offers and hundreds of blog posts: Follow us: Linkedin: