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#053 | Failing in Business and Getting Back Up to Try Again

av Agile Ideas | Publicerades 9/20/2020

Wanting to run a business and actually doing it are two different things, both are fraught with challenges but the journey makes it a learning adventure. I've set up two businesses, one that failed and one that is continuing to show that learning from mistakes is the right thing to do. From growing up in a migrant family to learning about entrepreneurship at a very early age. Thank you for listening to this podcast. We welcome any feedback. If you would like us to cover specific topics in the future, or be part of our podcast in future episodes, please let us know by going to sure you subscribe to our newsletter to receive access to special events, checklists, and blogs that are not available everywhere. can also find us on most social media channels by searching 'Agile Ideas'.Follow me on LinkedIn - go to Fatimah Abbouchi - you for listening, please share or rate this if you enjoyed it. #AgileIdeasP.S. Your review would mean a lot to me!Agile Management Office Improve Project Management - Transform Your Business

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