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#054 | Steve Abboushi - Supporting our Youth, Advocating for Communities, Being Elected Youngest Deputy Mayor, City of Melton and Dealing with Criticism

av Agile Ideas | Publicerades 9/28/2020

Steve Abboushi has been a City of Melton resident for 12 years and during that time has, as a volunteer, mentored and taught highly disadvantaged young people life skills to help them lead productive lives. He has a Bachelor in Criminal Justice Administration and has worked in the State Government and not-for-profit sector. Cr Abboushi was elected to Council in 2016 and will serve as Deputy Mayor for the 2019/20 term and is the youngest to be elected.He is passionate about ensuring his community's most vulnerable and disenfranchised residents have a voice and are represented in key Council issues. He is particularly interested in relieving the cost of living pressures faced by his residents. He loves this community – the parks, gardens, and lakes – and is proud of the achievements and passion of this City’s residents.In this episode, Steve and I explore:How his council is dealing with the global pandemic and how they are supporting their residentsWhat it's like to be elected as City of Melton's youngest deputy mayor and what he's doing with this power What he's learned from being a youth worker and how he's taking these lessons into the councilWhat he feels is necessary to stay organised when working full time during the day and performing the role of Deputy MayorYou can reach out to Steve via Facebook by going to or via LinkedIn you for listening to this podcast. We welcome any feedback. If you would like us to cover specific topics in the future, or be part of our podcast in future episodes, please let us know by going to sure you subscribe to our newsletter to receive access to special events, checklists, and blogs that are not available everywhere. can also find us on most social media channels by searching 'Agile Ideas'.Follow me on LinkedIn - go to Fatimah Abbouchi - you for listening, please share or rate this if you enjoyed it. #AgileIdeas 

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