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#064 | What's going on with PMO's right now?

av Agile Ideas | Publicerades 2/14/2021

In this episode, I outline 3 key observations with PMO popularity right now, and three challenges that relate, then delve into an idea that could be useful for organisations and leaders alike in transforming their PMOs for the future. This episode is brought to you by the one-stop-shop for all things PMO - Thank you for listening to this podcast. We welcome any feedback. If you would like us to cover specific topics in the future, or be part of our podcast in future episodes, please let us know by going to sure you subscribe to our newsletter to receive access to special events, checklists, and blogs that are not available everywhere. can also find us on most social media channels by searching 'Agile Ideas'.Follow me on LinkedIn - go to Fatimah Abbouchi - you for listening, please share or rate this if you enjoyed it. #AgileIdeas

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