Ep 159 Audrey Popoff: Women in the Draft

In the spirit of that impromptu moment that often happens in the Bowman universe, today we're going to bring you a quick conversation that occurred at the National Western Stock Show this January. You might know that the draft horses hold a special place for me, and there are very few things that are as majestic and glorious as a full hitch at speed thundering around the ring. One of those hitches this year was driven by a woman named Audrey Popoff, from Colton, California.And since March is officially Women's History Month, I think it's only appropriate for you to hear this one today. From the National Western Stock Show 2022, here's Champion Draft Ladies Team Driver, Audrey Popoff, of Unhitched Ranch.Links:https://unhitchedranch.comhttps://nationalwestern.com/horse-shows/horse-exhibitors/horse-show-results/https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clydesdale_horseSupport the show

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