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Ep 166 Mountain Meadow Part 2: A Fam-Mill-ly Production

Every once in a great while you meet people who are just plain special. The Hostetler Family and the company they run, Mountain Meadow Wool, is a true family affair. Now, we aren't talking of just the related kind, but the Hostetler's run their business and treat everyone who works for them as family. Rick and I saw this first hand as we filmed there in Buffalo, Wyoming last week. So, today we bring you part two of our story from Mountain Meadow Wool. We speak with Karen's son Ben, as he takes us through some of the day's adventures at the mill. Ellen who was our extraordinary tour guide through the facilities, explaining how things operate and introducing to some of the wonderful workers who help produce their products.  So, please sit back and listen to the sounds of the mill in full operation and the people who love what they do.Links: Support the show

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