301: Future Farming Resilience Fund

In this podcast AHDB’s Derek Carless and Peter Shallcross a dairy and arable farmer in the South of Wiltshire speak to John Bates about how levy payers can access free support to help decision making in connection with the ending of the basic payment scheme in 2027. The rundown of payments starts its run down from December and farmers need to manage the transition the best they can. AHDB’s job is to help levy payers navigate complicated issues and present evidence and facts for farmers and growers to consider and adopt, for their individual circumstances and their business needs. The Government has embarked upon an enormous reform of farm payments and the demise of BPS is referred to as the biggest agricultural policy shift since the end of the second world war. Help is available, paid for by the Defra Future Farming Resilience Fund. Take a listen to find out how you can benefit. Website: www.ahdb.org.uk/farm-business-review  Phone: 02475 189300 Email: farmbusinessreview@ahdb.org.uk The podcast was hosted by John Bates and produced by Gemma Pamment.  

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