Monica H. Green on The Four Black Deaths

In this episode we speak with Monica H. Green, a historian of medicine and global health, about her article, “The Four Black Deaths,” which appears in the December 2020 issue of the AHR. In it, Green draws on work in paleogenetics and phylogenetics alongside documentary evidence to suggest both a broader and more nuanced understanding of how plague spread in the late medieval world. Green spoke with Georgetown University historian John McNeill.

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AHR Interview presents brief discussions with historians whose work has appeared in the American Historical Review, the official publication of the American Historical Association. Sometimes the interview accompanies an article or a featured review in a current or recent issue; other times it will feature a scholar who has recently been in the news, but whose work appeared in the journal in the past. These accessible and user-friendly podcasts highlight historical scholarship of wide interest and enormous import for issues of the day.