Bryan Talebi, founder and CEO of Ahura AI, shares how AI is being used to up-skill and re-skill workers being displaced by automation

Bryan Talebi learned the value of education after fleeing Iran and living in a Turkish refugee camp. He worked for NASA at age 16 and, after helping lead many successful startups, started Ahura to disrupt the education system "which hasn't changed in 150 years". Bryan realized the millions of workers being displaced by automation need a way to more rapidly prepare for careers in the labor market of the future.Listen and learn...What skills are required to succeed in the new labor marketWhat impact a single robot can have on an entire factory of skilled laborersHow biometric data can be used to optimize the learning processWhat employers are doing to up-skill rather than replace current employeesWhy "AQ" is replacing IQ and EQ as the way to find 10x talentContact Bryan and Ahura AI for more

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