Dr. Zehra Cataltepe, CEO of Tazi.ai, discusses the meaning of responsible AI and how she's saving the planet...one model at a time

Dr. Cataltepe is an accomplished scientist and entrepreneur... with a social conscience. She has published more than 100 academic papers and is a three-time recipient of the "Women Entrepreneur of the Year" award. Dr. Cataltepe and her team believe building and managing AI models should be something anyone can do... even her 70 year old mother who is a farmer in Turkey :). Tazi's vision is to make AI explainable, accessible, and configurable for "mere mortals".Listen and learn...What's required to deploy AI that is easy to understand, monitor, and update by business people without data science or computer science backgroundsHow to apply micro-segmentation to detect and eliminate bias in data and modelsWhy "bring your own model" may solve critical issues related to data privacy and data biasHow reducing the complexity of AI also will limit its environmental footprintHow insurance companies are using AI trained with telematic data to determine driver risk and premiumsWhy the Turkish saying "even the snake eats the earth one bite at a time" represents Dr. Cataltepe's vision for the future of AIThanks to the Alchemist Accelerator team for the introduction to Dr. Cataltepe!

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