Kai Nunez, Vice President of Research & Insights at Salesforce, shares the secret to making tech teams own responsibility for AI ethics

Kai Nunez, VP Research & Insights at Salesforce, didn't always know she wanted to pursue a career in AI because it didn't exist as a field. Her dad was a linguist and she became interested in human-computer interaction at a young age. Kai's deep concern for values-based leadership and operating with integrity led her to become a leading voice in the DEI and AI ethics communities. Today, her teams are creating a culture of awareness about the impact tech has on underserved populations. She's a passionate advocate for educating teams to do the right thing... even when nobody's looking.Listen and learn...About Salesforce's real "biggest competitor"Why DEI matters in technologyHow Kai lives the value of "being a respectful truthteller"Why the future of software includes data audits to mitigate the risk of bias  What happened when Kai presented an unpopular idea to Marc BenioffReferences in this episode...Krishna Gade from Fiddler on AI and the Future of WorkAI ethics at Salesforce

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