Slater Victoroff, founder and CTO of intelligent process automation company Indico, discusses deep learning, AGI, and his entrepreneurial journey

Slater Victoroff is a machine learning expert and science fiction writer who is never shy when sharing opinions about AI and the future of technology. His passion for giving unstructured content meaning led to the founding and success of Indico. The company has since raised $36M from an impressive set of investors including Jump Capital and Sandbox Ventures. In this discussion, hear how Slater went from dorm room programmer to entrepreneur.Listen and learn...How Indico was launched by pineapple and onion pizza consumed from 5:00 PM to 5:00 AM on Sunday nights. What it was like to found the company as CEO then later hire a replacement to become CTO. How Slater defends his 2012 comment that "the war is over... deep learning lost."How NLP is being used to unlock value trapped in unstructured data.Why every knowledge worker "needs a bionic arm".Why Slater says AGI, artificial general intelligence, doesn't exist as a concept.Follow Slater @sl8rv on Twitter.

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