ChatGPT vs. Bard vs Claude; Battle of the AI Titans

ChatGPT, Bard or ClaudeBard? We have run some tests with these AI titans, considered perhaps the best AI tools in the marketplace today. Which one writes the best creative writing? Which one codes the best? Which one gives the most up to date information? Tune in and give us your own comments if you have tested these tools yourself! TIME STAMPED SHOW NOTES: [00:01:55] Google's Bard and ChatGPT available in many countries, but Claude only in UK, US. Bard provides up-to-date data, good tool. [00:07:22] Continuous development of text, image, and video tools. Internet integration a major advantage. Plugins enhance Chat GPT's strength. [00:13:03] Useful plugins & tools for ChatGPT users. [00:15:28] Long search for website optimization solution. [00:20:03] ChatGPT seems ahead in creative writing, coding. [00:22:09] Code interpreter good for non-coders in tools. [00:26:11] Agreeing on SEO, need expert advice. Surprising answers. [00:30:25] Text summarization enables quick comprehension and tutoring. [00:33:59] Conclusion about advantages and disadvantages of each tool. Send us feedback and learn more at: Website: ⁠⁠ Instagram: ⁠⁠ Email: Note: The actual content and length of the show notes may vary based on the episode's content and discussion.

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