Getting On Board The AI Train: Don't Miss Out On Your Future

Tune into the first episode or AI Revolution Podcast! In the inaugural episode of "AI Revolution," we embark on a thrilling exploration of artificial intelligence, delving into our personal journey and experiences with this transformative technology. Join us as we share anecdotes, insights, and challenges encountered along the way, providing a glimpse into the fascinating world of AI. Hot topics from this episode: Does AI have limitless potential and where is this AI Revolution going to end us up into? What physical limitations might restrict the abilities of computers? If humans are cognitively close to a problem, does that mean computers are too? We believe that computers can be trained to do almost anything. Do you agree with this statement? How might the rise of AI affect jobs in industries such as copywriting and graphic design and other industries? What is the revolution towards Chat GPT and how might it positively impact our lives? How can small businesses use chatbots powered by AI to market and sell their products online? The idea of creating a general or super intelligence is a topic of discussion in the episode as well. Do you think creating a super intelligence is a realistic goal? What are your thoughts on consciousness and how it applies to physical machines like computers or robots? On this episode of AI Revolution, we explore the limitations of computers when compared to the human brain. Our hosts Tuomo Tiussa and Charlotte Bjuren share their thoughts on cognitive closure and how it can affect what computers are programmed to do. We discuss how political and physical limitations, such as hardware and material, can also influence the potential of AI technology. Despite the challenges, our hosts believe that computers can be trained to do almost anything. We delve into the impact of AI on jobs, with the speaker emphasizing the importance of adapting to the new technology instead of resisting it. We also explore the potential benefits of Chat GPT and how AI tools can be used to create more efficiency and improve quality of life. Our hosts their extensive knowledge of AI, including their work in using AI tools to help clients structure online courses in minutes and decades or research spanning over 20 years, Charlotte has also graduated with Master's degree on AI from University of Edinburgh . We also tackle the philosophical question of whether machines can achieve consciousness and the potential dangers of creating a general super intelligence. Join us on this captivating first episode as we share our passion for AI, its transformative power, and the exciting prospects it holds for the future. Tune in and become a part of the AI Revolution! #AIRevolution #PodcastLaunch #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #AITechnology #AIinSociety #AIinHealthcare #AIinFinance #AIinTransportation #AIandEthics #TechPodcast Subscribe to stay ahead of the competition! Send us feedback and learn more at: Website Instagram Email: Note: The actual content and length of the show notes may vary based on the episode's content and discussion.

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