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Air Combat Sim Podcast - Episode #1 - "Sim-isms"

av Air Combat Sim | Publicerades 2/3/2020

Episode 1: In our premiere episode, the team welcomes Fighter Pilot Podcast founder Vincent "Jell-O" Aiello to discuss simulators and training in the United States Navy as well as air combat simulation in the home.

Episode Guest

Vincent 'Jell-O' Aiello of The Fighter Pilot Podcast

Show Notes


The Alert 5 Podcast

The JF-17

Russian Holiday

Kiowa Helicopter

Tomcat Module


Eagle Dynamics Newsletter 

Snoopy Wish List

BFM Scissors

Pulling G's

Thrustmaster F/A-18

The Hosts


Baltic Dragon

Panel Members

Dut (Alert 5)


Sport (Alert 5)

Tricker (Alert 5)


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