All Def SquaddCAST

13: SquADDcast Versus Ep 12

av All Def SquaddCAST | Publicerades 3/9/2020

Introducing the All Def SquADD Cast show “Versus".  It’s a podcast with the OG SquADD!  Each week, the SquADD will debate topics and vote at the end to see what wins. Versus airs every Monday and you can download and listen wherever podcasts are found. Includes paid promotion. This week we debate: Action Movies vs Comedies Cheesecake vs Sweet Potato Pie Kanye vs Drake

Om Podcasten

In the All Def SquADDCast "Versus" the squADD members debate what's better. Does this description really matter? Are you even still reading this? Just listen and check it out.