From prison to purpose: the story of Martin Lockett

After serving 17 ½ years in prison for drunk driving and manslaughter, 42 year-old Martin Lockett is now a free man, stepping into a very different world than the one he left (what’s a macbook?). He emerged from prison with a graduate degree, two published books, and a certification as a substance abuse counselor…ready to continue sharing his story and keeping his promise to his victims to do whatever it takes to prevent others from following in his footsteps.Don't forget to VOTE WEBBY'S!In this episode, you'll learn:How to identify the root of your pain and suffering,The role and impact alcohol can have at a young age.The importance of finding an outlet for your creativity.Navigating your identity, belonging, and finding your place in the world.Learning the repercussions of our decisions and the lives that can be severely impacted.The willingness to change and embark on a purposeful path, regardless of what that may look like. The importance of visualizing your future self and how powerful that can be.The power of story, restorative justice, and people coming together.The importance of forgiveness.Stay connected to Martin:Website: www.martinlockett.comInstagram: @martinllockettBook: Prison to Purpose Pipeline: How one sentence led to a life of service and My Prison Life: A Blogger’s Insight from the InsideCharity Donation: Pear MentorSubscribe to All The Wiser  wherever you listen to podcasts - we’re on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and more! That way you’ll never miss an episode. We’d love to hear what you think about the show, too - it helps us know what stories are resonating with you. Head over to Apple Podcasts to write your review!Stay in the know with all things All The Wiser! Sign up for our newsletter for personal reflections from Kimi, new episodes, and recommendations from our team! See for privacy and opt-out information. Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:

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