Do You Know Mordechai Ep 1 - A Knock on the Door

Kathleen Goldhar was so happy her friend Arya had found someone great after a bad divorce and a year of disheartening online dating. But it turns out Mordechai Horowitz was just too good to be true.

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In 1973, David Kushner's 11-year-old older brother Jon biked through a suburban Florida forest to buy candy for his little brother, and never returned. Decades later, now an accomplished journalist and author, Kushner investigates his brother’s case and the profound impact it had on his family and community. Piecing together police reports, interviews, and the memories of loved ones––David tells the story of what happened to his family and his town, after his brother disappeared.Credits:Jessica Grimshaw- For USG AudioJosh Bloch- For USG AudioJennifer Sears- For USG AudioGretta Cohn- Executive ProducerDavid Kushner- Executive Producer, HostEmmy Rossum- Executive ProducerAlex Sujong Laughlin- ProducerJames T. Green- Producer, Sound DesignerSara Nics- Executive EditorLacy Roberts- Managing ProducerRick Kwan- Mix EngineerNocturnal Sound- Sound Design This is a USG Audio Podcast in collaboration with Transmitter Media.