Introducing - Homegrown: OKC

Homegrown: OKC dives into a case of domestic terrorism from the past that’s really a warning about the future.  Back in 1995, there was a disaster that should have prepared us for January 6th and the political violence that we’re seeing today: the Oklahoma City Bombing. Journalist Jeffrey Toobin reveals the story behind Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City Bombing, and right-wing extremism in America - how a decorated army veteran became consumed with rage, how he somehow went underground and built a bomb that damaged fifty blocks in a modern city, and how everything that led to the horror of April 19th, 1995 is still very present in America.  Homegrown: OKC is a USG Audio podcast produced by Western Sound and Esmail Corp. Based on the book “Homegrown: Timothy McVeigh and the Rise of Rightwing Extremism” by Jeffrey Toobin. For more episodes of Homegrown: OKC, please visit here. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

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In 1973, David Kushner's 11-year-old older brother Jon biked through a suburban Florida forest to buy candy for his little brother, and never returned. Decades later, now an accomplished journalist and author, Kushner investigates his brother’s case and the profound impact it had on his family and community. Piecing together police reports, interviews, and the memories of loved ones––David tells the story of what happened to his family and his town, after his brother disappeared.Credits:Jessica Grimshaw- For USG AudioJosh Bloch- For USG AudioJennifer Sears- For USG AudioGretta Cohn- Executive ProducerDavid Kushner- Executive Producer, HostEmmy Rossum- Executive ProducerAlex Sujong Laughlin- ProducerJames T. Green- Producer, Sound DesignerSara Nics- Executive EditorLacy Roberts- Managing ProducerRick Kwan- Mix EngineerNocturnal Sound- Sound Design This is a USG Audio Podcast in collaboration with Transmitter Media.